BakePlan – fresher products, less waste, more sales

Multi-wave production planning tool for instore bakeries and food-to-go operators

BakePlan is a production planning system that cuts waste, increases sales and improves freshness in instore bakeries and bake-from-frozen operations. BakePlan uses historical sales data to plan production in several waves during each day plus live sales data to adjust bake plans according to the day’s trading patterns.

Freshness and availability are key differentiators between grocery retailers in today’s highly competitive market. Bakery is at the front line of this battle for customer buy-in. Stores that get their demand forecasting right sell fresher, better quality products at the times customers want them. Our experience is that food production sections that get to grips with multi-wave production planning increase like-for-like sales by around 5%.

At the same time, grocers are committed to driving down food waste. In the UK, the Courtauld 2025 agreement aims to cut waste in the sector by fifth by 2025. BakePlan cuts instore food production waste by 20%.
In-store bakeries
Remove unplanned waste. Increase sales. Get the freshest products to customers at the right time in the best position. Increase consumer satisfaction.
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Food-to-go operators
Cut waste. Maximise sales during peaks and troughs of demand. Give customers the freshest products. Improve purchasing from internal and external suppliers. Release cash by reducing estate-wide stock levels.
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