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Blog: news and views about BakePlan

NB: BakePlan was formerly known as Cybake Instore.

BakePlan MD Jane Tyler and York Central MP Rachael Maskell at BakePlan's HQ
21 November 2017
BakePlan Software has been awarded a grant of £43,600 by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. The grant will be invested in machine learning and AI technologies to develop a new system that can see food products, count them and record data about them autonomously.
BakePlan beats bad EPOS data for unwrapped goods
30 October 2017
Despite the sophistication of their systems, grocery retailers struggle with sales-based data for unwrapped food produced in-store. Jane Tyler explains how our BakePlan app beats this blind spot to improve forecasting and planning.
11 October 2017
Availability is a clear point of differentiation for grocery retailers that operate in-store bakeries. However, it presents an age-old challenge: bake too much or at the wrong times and you miss out on sales or end up throwing food away. Bake little and often, at the right times, and availability improves. Customers are happier, sales improve and waste is reduced.
BakePlan managing director Jane Tyler
20 September 2017
RedBlack Software today announces a restructure that splits the company into two distinct corporate entities, RedBlack Software Ltd and BakePlan Software Ltd. RedBlack Software Ltd will continue its mission to serve the independent craft bakery sector with its market-leading range of Cybake bakery management solutions. BakePlan Software’s focus is on the retail grocery and convenience store sectors across Europe with its BakePlan production forecasting system for in-store bakeries.
utting bakery waste by at least 20% is relatively straightforward
24 April 2017
Martin Coyle explains that cutting bakery waste by at least 20% is relatively straightforward
06 December 2016
Want to get to grips with your waste? It’s easier than you think if you can address four key issues, says Martin Coyle.
Cybake Instore press
28 July 2016
Our predictive sales-based ordering solution Cybake Instore has made the news as M&S rolls it out to all 534 UK in-store bakeries...
17 June 2016
M&S is rolling out RedBlack Software’s Cybake Instore sales-based predictive ordering solution to all of its 534 in-store bakeries in the UK.
18 April 2016
RedBlack Software launches Cybake Instore, an automated sales-based ordering system for retail bakers and food-to-go operators that cuts waste and increases shop takings, at Foodex today. York-based RedBlack is the creator of the Cybake range of bakery and food-to-go management solutions.