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BakePlan – perfect for food-to-go, ideal for franchising 

From convenience stores to coffee shop chains to petrol stations and beyond, food-to-go is a dominant force. A lot of the top retailers of baked goods are food-to-go operators; many are national or global franchises. Wherever there is in-store fresh food production, from sandwiches and soup through to rotisserie and wraps, BakePlan helps make the right products at the best times of the day.

Cut waste

BakePlan solves food-to-go operators’ biggest challenge. Make or stock too much and it goes to waste; make or stock too little and you miss out on sales.

BakePlan takes historical sales data direct from your EPOS tills via the internet. It then calculates what products an outlet should make or stock and when it should make or stock them. Waste is cut each day as BakePlan’s predictions are far more accurate than those by shop managers.

Staff assumptions about consumer preferences (i.e. trade offs/most preferred alternatives) are corrected. Both stock-levels and and in-store production are optimised for maximum potential sales.

BakePlan takes the sales and usage data for items that are either sold directly (e.g. snacks, drinks) or used as a component of a sold item (e.g. sandwich fillers) to predict future order quantities.

Improve freshness and maximise sales

With BakePlan’s predictions, staff are guided through each day’s peaks and troughs of demand.

For example, while mornings may be the time staff are used to making up the majority of , say, pre-packed salads and sandwiches, BakePlan reins them back from an instinct to make too many. Plus, it tells them which items to make to maximise sales.

This means that products made in-store are fresher throughout the day, with better availability at times of peak demand, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversion.

Improve ordering and purchasing

Food-to-go business have a good deal of capital tied up in stock. BakePlan has helped our customers release considerable amounts of this cash by making stock procurement more efficient.

With BakePlan, you gain ultimate control, ensuring the right products are stocked at the right time for the right outlets. Head office gets orders, sales, waste and shrinkage data on any web-connected device – PC, tablet, etc.

By using BakePlan’s ability to tell you precisely how many products are needed and in which outlets, stock levels can be reduced to the point where goods are only held as long as they are needed.

With BakePlan, you can improve the availability of high volume, high margin lines and minimise wastage on lower volume, lower margin items. Head office can monitor orders and outcomes in order to refine BakePlan’s algorithms, improving the profitability of each line even further.

Head office sets rules based on actual sales data having considered the profitability of each SKU. BakePlan’s predictions can be adjusted for local factors and the weather.

Reduce shrinkage – save cash with reconciliation

BakePlan provides reconciliation of what has been delivered with what has actually been sold through the tills, highlighting any variances between the two. This helps to control portion sizes, for example.

With BakePlan, you can also manage your shops’ orders for non-saleable items (cleaning equipment, packaging etc). This means that you can properly monitor their useage and shrinkage as well. This is a function that has saved users considerable (and sometimes surprising) amounts of cash over and above BakePlan’s usual cost-savings.

No new hardware needed

BakePlan is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform. There is no need to spend money on hardware or technical expertise. Automated backups and security come as part of the service. BakePlan works on any web-connected device – mobile, PC, tablet.

As BakePlan is delivered via the cloud, it can count as an operational rather than capital expense. It integrates with any ERP or business management application (SAP, Oracle etc.).

Multi-level access/permissions gives you control over who sees what data. Electronic data capture reduces mistakes, reduces data re-entry and standardises processes, with no paperwork required.

See for yourself – order an online demo

To find out more about how your food-to-go business can cut waste, increase sales and reduce stock-levels, why not see BakePlan in action?

Contact our sales department today and we will show you how BakePlan works with an online or onsite demo.